On original images for example black hole, there is no cam downloader.
install the tspanel and it gives you all types of download addons, cams, chanel lists etc. wonderful.

how to instal it?
first find tspanel ipk file to download from anywhere (google…)
unpack it and put it via ftp to into the “tmp” folder, on your e2 box mine is a vu+solo.
you can leave the chmods the way they are.

now connect via telnet to your box and give in comand:

opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel_5.8_mipsel.ipk

the only thing to look is the version of the tspanel version.
in my case is 5.8 version
just put the numbers right

enter of course, and you see it instaling on your telnet window.
wait til its finished, max 1 min.
now restart box and you should find tspanel in plugins and addons.
tspanel gives you anything you want for your box to download