In this tutorial I will try to explain briefly how to configure cccam in 9900 Iris HD decoders, this shall be to use a different server.

– To work in cccam protocol, the first thing we must do is to unburden the file cccam_accounts.txt

– Open the cccam_accounts.txt file with notepad. It should look something like this:

{C, Port, Server, User, Password}

{C, Port, Server, User, Password}

{C, Port, Server, User, Password}

– To insert our clines, we just edit the file cccam_acounts.txt replacing examples by data from our cline.

– We should note that Iris 9900 only allowed a maximum of 10 clines.

– Once you have filled the lines, save the document and put it in a pendrive.

– We connect the pendrive in the deco.

– Press the Menu button.

– Press 6666.

– We stand on the CCCam choice and mark it with the blue button to activate.

cccam server


– Press to OK and enter into CCCam.

– We give the green button (File Explorer).

Note: Here we may introduce our cline optionally manually with the remote.



– Cccam_accounts locate the file and give it to Ok.



– The clines will be charged and shall return back to the Settings screen CCCAM.

– In No you can switch between clines that you have added and connected to each of them you have to just give Connect.

– Status of each can see if it is active or not.