Technomate how to flash and add cline

a simple way to put in a new line is power off the box by the switch at the back. When you power it back on hold the power button on the front until you see a 0 displayed on the box, then let go of the power button and another digit will show on the box, for example it’s 6.

Then get your laptop and go onto your browser, chrome Internet Explorer whatever and type in assuming the 6 at the end is the digit that displayed on the box.

It will bring you to a mini Web page and near the bottom you’ll see cccam.cfg click edit on that, you’ll see your existing line there, it gives you an option to remove it and then add a new one. Once done scroll to the bottom of the page and click save just to be sure.

Then turn off the power at the back of the box again and back on for it to boot normally