The syntax for the line is:


First you must activate Super Setting where all the good stuff is, by the following:

Menu -> Setting -> Version.

When the Cursor is on the Version option, press the red button

Enter the PIN 1510

[the same process will disable Super Setting if it is enabled]

Select Super Setting – press ok

The first option allows you to select a C/S option – CCcam NewCamd – Avatar -ECam or Disable.
Avatar and eCam have no function in Europe.

As each c/s option is selected, the relevant Config option appears highlighted. You may enter there and add your line details.

To view what is there, and unhide the data, press the red button and enter the PIN 7878

To check if all is ok, use the test option at the bottom of the config sub menu. It will attempt to connect, and give you a Success or Failure result.

The other option in Super Setting is EMU.

Use this if you have loaded a softcam. Its use is obvious and needs no explanation.

To load super setting details:

Edit the attached txt file to add the details you have been given.

Copy it to a USB stick

insert it in your Eaglebox HD

Menu – Setting – Upgrade – USB/Card Upgrade – /udska1

Select the file

Press OK and wait.. the receiver will reboot.