Below we’re going to cover some basic facts about the nature of IPTV and also have a useful overview that covers the best IPTV boxes .

What Is An IPTV Box?

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television.” As the name implies, IPTV services and devices transmit televised content over the internet. This can include live streaming videos or on-demand content.

This can sound a little ambiguous as that definition does seem broad. For example, IPTV does not include popular websites such as Netflix or Youtube. Instead of connecting to a specific website, using IPTV services connects you to a specific server through your internet connection and a separate player (either hardware or software). With a subscription to a particular service, you will gain access to their channels and content that is then relayed back to your TV screen. But to first view IPTV content, you’re going to need your very own IPTV box

An IPTV box can sort of be seen as analogous to a cable box. It is essentially the middleman between your TV screen and the content host whose programs you want to view. Part of the reason why Netflix and Youtube aren’t really considered IPTV services is because you don’t need an IPTV box or specialized software to access them. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

IPTV boxes, on the other hand, are the gateway to dedicated services that can bring you specialized media packages so you can get exactly the kind of content you want.

Here are the best IPTV Boxes Available

If you plan on buying an IPTV box to stream from IPTV service providers, make sure you end up grabbing one of the following ones below.

Formuler Z8

Formuler is one of the most well-known IPTV box manufacturers in the world and with very good reason. The Z8 is an astonishing device that is as satisfying as it is cutting-edge.

The Formuler Z8 has many great things going for it (one of the best user interfaces, a great EPG and support for lots of apps), but one of the most notable is the external antenna. It has quite a great range and will allow you to stream very heavy-duty content even if your router is on a different floor.

Formuler Z8 is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to stream in ultra-high definition or 4K resolution.

The Z8 is equipped with some very impressive hardware specs such as its CPU. Loading and browsing through menus is a breeze making this machine not only powerful but fast as well. Plus with 16gb of internal storage, you’ll be able to record and save a solid amount of content using DVR.

All in all, the Formuler Z8 gives you a lot of oomph for the price and I would be surprised if anyone was disappointed in this IPTV box masterpiece.

MAG 324

The MAG 324 is a great choice for anyone who wants to do IPTV streaming that isn’t necessarily cutting-edge but still satisfies all of the fundamental aspects of what makes an IPTV box worthwhile.

If you need something that can do 4K and HDR, unfortunately, the MAG 324 won’t be able to satisfy you, as it only goes up to 1080p in resolution. It also can’t do 3D or HDR images.

But the MAG 324 is still an excellent choice for people who only have 1080p TV screens, which to this day is still quite a lot of people. It’s also quite a speedy device so you won’t have to deal with much buffering or loading with this IPTV box. Despite using an internal antenna it connects to routers easily and maintains a pretty stable connection.

It may not be loaded with the most features but this is still a very reliable IPTV box. I think it would be a great choice for anyone planning on getting their first IPTV box.

BuzzTV XR4000

If you’re looking for an IPTV box that is fast, powerful and will provide an excellent picture quality then you’re going to want to check out BuzzTv’s XR4000. This is easily one of my favorite IPTV boxes of all time.

Not only is it a phenomenal choice for people looking for a 4K and HDR picture but it has a great user-interface that is intuitive and very easy on the eyes. Menus practically load at the speed of sound and it also has an excellent remote control that can be customized with shortcut inputs.

The XR4000 is perhaps the perfect choice for someone who really wants to customize their settings, not just their remote control. You can set the IPTV box to turn on and bring you to the main menu, the electronic program guide, the channel list, and other areas.

It even has a backup and restore function in case any of the data you stored on its impressive 16gb internal storage gets lost. Let’s not forget that the customization settings for Live TV and the EPG allow you to sort through many different and specific categories.

My only gripe with this IPTV box is that it doesn’t have the best wireless connectivity. It’s good but may bring some minor grievances when streaming in UHD resolutions. Despite that, this is truly a fantastic IPTV box and I am still floored by how much comes with it for the price.

Other IPTV Boxes

While the IPTV boxes I listed above are the best of the best, I want to take the time to mention a few runner-ups and older IPTV boxes that still deserve some of the spotlight.

Dreamlink T2 and Dreamlink T1

Here we have two different IPTV boxes from the same company that seem fairly similar at first glance but have some important distinctions. By the way, the Dreamlink and Formuler are essentially the same company with different brand/product names.

The Dreamlink T1 is a very robust option that is best suited for people only looking for 1080p output. It’s definitely a solid IPTV box and is also very affordable.

The Dreamlink T2, on the other hand, is essentially an upgraded, albeit more expensive, version of the T1. While it is still very compact, it is indeed capable of both HDR and 4K. It also has the wonderful Android 7 Nougat OS which gives it an incredible UI and swiftness in menus. It’s a very high-end box that will satisfy the pickiest of IPTV fans.

In short, the T1 is a great choice for a simpler cheaper option, and it may very well be one of the best budget IPTV boxes out there. The T2 is a more advanced option with stupendous app support and many other nifty features.

Formuler Z7+

Before the Formuler Z8 was the Formuler Z7+ and it was one of the devices that helped give Formuler the incredible reputation they have now. Like the Z8, the Z7+ boasts very impressive hardware for the price. It has a very good amount of RAM for efficiency and speed, plus it is very easy to set up and install.

It may be a little less cutting-edge than the Z8 but it still delivers a very vivid picture and has a nice UI. The remote control, while large, is very well built and has all of the buttons and shortcuts you could possibly need.

In other words, if you want an IPTV box that is a great all-rounder but can’t quite afford something like the Formuler Z8, the Formuler Z7+ would be a great option. It may not be Formuler’s most current model, but to this day it is still an excellent option and is by no means outdated hardware.

MAG 322

Like Formuler, Infomir is one of the biggest names in IPTV boxes. The MAG 322 is undoubtedly one of their best models and is well designed in many respects.

I did have a couple of gripes with the MAG 322 but they were all relatively minor. It doesn’t sport an external antenna but it still manages to maintain a strong wireless connection. It doesn’t have support for VPNs or subtitles, which are sure to be big problems for some people.

But other than that, this is a great IPTV box. The hardware specs are undeniably solid even if they aren’t the best. It has enough RAM to deliver fast enough loading, it can handle up to 100 Mbps, and it is easy to both install and update with firmware.

The MAG 322 isn’t meant for downloading apps or other supplementary programs, this is a bread and butter streaming device, through and through. This would be a great choice for anyone who wants their first IPTV box at an affordable price.

MAG 254 and 256

The MAG 254 and MAG 256 are like siblings in the same family of IPTV boxes, though there are a few differences. The MAG 254 is the older one and is admittedly a little outdated, though still works as a solid entry-level IPTV box. The MAG 256, on the other hand, is the upgraded version that has more RAM and a newer Linux OS.

The MAG 254 would be a good choice for anyone who isn’t too picky about their load times and is planning on using a wired ethernet connection anyway. The MAG 256, which is objectively the superior version going by specs alone, would be the better choice for people who want a superior interface, faster menus, and stronger wi-fi signals.

There isn’t much difference when it comes to the streaming itself as both devices are pretty much identical in that regard. It’s all a matter of how much the extra speed and power matters to you.

BuzzTV XPL3000

This quad-core IPTV box is a pretty versatile device. BuzzTV’s XPL3000 contains Stalker middleware, which allows it to be used with just about any IPTV subscription service you can think of. Plus with some solid hardware specs and an external antenna, it will handle streams very well.

Additionally, the XPL3000 has PVR capabilities and a TV tuner. Let’s not forget that it can also handle HDR for some truly beautiful lighting and shadows. It’s easy to install, has top-notch speed and picture quality and is receiving rave reviews from owners everywhere.