For this guide to work all you need is a USB stick formatted to FAT32 (if you
are not sure just try it anyway!) and of course the Technomate TM-5402HD
receiver to patch!
1) Download latest patch and addon files and save these to your computer.

TM-5402 :

TM-6902 :

Addon :

TM-7102 :

2) Extract the patch and addon files from the .zip or .rar files (if they are in them) then copy the patch
and addon files to root of a USB stick and connect USB stick to your TM-5402 receiver.
3) Press the USB button on the remote and you should get a screen asking for PIN number, enter 0000
4) Select Data Transfer
5) Select the latest Phantom patch file (the patch file you’ve just downloaded and put on the USB stick) and then press the OK button:

6) Now do exactly the same for the addon file making sure of course you choose the addon file from the menu this time:

7) Now the patch and addon has been applied and the TM-5402HD receiver has rebooted from the
normal viewing TV screen enter 8281 on the remote control to access the server list, if you are asked to enter a PIN number at this point enter 0000.

8) Select a connection as shown in the screen dump below and press the OK button, below are some examples of a CCcam and Newcamd connection:

You can easily work out the details on how to enter your C line details using the example below:

C: example password 10500

Address =
ID = example
Password = password
Port = 10500