First download the file Oscam-120r8943_Prismcube_bhp.tgz
now open DCC and transfer the file over to /tmp

Next press the Menu button on the remote and click on Black Hole

now click on Bh Addons

now click on Install local Bhp package

click on Oscam-120r8943_Prismcube_bhp.tgz

click Yes to install

click OK

click the Back button then click Blue Panel

click on Common Interface

now click on oscam 1.2.0

oscam 1.2.0 should now be set as the default cam

Now we must add the oscam.serer file
open DCC and transfer the oscam.server file over to mnt/hdd0/program/tuxbox/config

Now we can check if all is working okay, so we selected Calle 13 on 19.2e

And as you can see all is working okay.
DOWNLOAD Oscam-120r8943_Prismcube_bhp.tgz